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Odenton's #1 kids martial arts program
Childrens Martial Arts
Martial Arts is the perfect activity for kids! The exercise will keep them in shape and the positive attitude will keep them happy. Plus, the respect, courtesy, and self-confidence will give them an advantage in school, relationships, and on their outlook on life. And, they will learn some amazing self-defense skills at the same time!
Odenton After School Program
Adult Martial Arts
Our members say this Odenton Martial Arts is so fun, the time simply flies. 
No matter your age or fitness level, you will have fun while getting in the best shape of your life
Odenton's #1 After School Karate Program
After School Karate
Experience the best and most unique way for your child to spend their time after school. You want to give your child the best in life; we’re here to help! Our After School Program includes transport to our academy where they will do martial arts classes, enrichment activities, play active games, and even have time for homework
Odenton's #1 Summer Camp for Kids
Summer Camp 
Join in on the fun and find out why Synergy Martial Arts  hosts the hottest and most action packed Summer Camps in the Odenton area! Our camps feature weekly themes from running through obstacles like a ninja to building like they’re in MineCraft to swinging a light saber like a Jedi Warrior in training.
About Our School
My name is Derek DePaolis, head instructor of Synergy Martial Arts in Odenton and Crownsville, MD. I wanted to take a second to tell you about our school, and what you can expect when you come into one of our schools for the first time.

Here's a quick look into our schools. Read on and find out about instructors, our classes, our facility, as well as what Tang Soo Do is really all about.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to get started in one of our programs.

Our expert martial arts instructors are very dedicated to giving your family the best possible martial arts experience possible. They will answer every question you have... help each student with positive motivation when challenges arise... and to instill in you the confidence and positive attitude that comes with martial arts for thousands of years.

It is our mission to ensure that each and every student not only meet but exceed all of their goals!

It's more than kicks and punches.

Our Odenton and Crownsville martial arts programs teach so much more than kicking and punching. We teach life skills like confidence...discipline...respect...which lead to better attitude and spirit...

Martial arts is just as much about work on who we are inside as it is about the individual techniques and skills. With our program, you'll reap the full benefit of Tang Soo Do.

And last but not least, our classes are fun! After all, too much work is simply off-putting. When an activity is all serious focus and hard work, it's easy to burn out.

Please explore our site, and learn more about both our Odenton and Crownsville martial arts programs. Then, call us when you're ready to get started.

But don't wait too long! Our classes are limited in size, and I'd hate to see you miss out.

To your success,
Derek DePaolis
Check Out Our Reviews!

"This is an excellent martial arts school."

"It's been a wonderful addition to our family routine. My 11 year daughter has built an incredible amount of confidence and believes she can do anything she puts her mind to. There is a great mix of classes for every kind of student, young and old or beginners and experts."

- Robin S, Madison's Mom 

"Synergy helped with listening, concentration and following instruction."

"I have noticed a great improvement in my daughter both at home and in school. Synergy is a great school with a family atmosphere and I recommend people try it out."

- Alexis S, Mia's Mom

"Synergy is by far the best martial arts school in the area!"

What makes this school so awesome is the Instructors compassion and dedication to see every student succeeds, and not only in the art itself, but in their daily lives as well."

- Ronnie G, Frank's Dad 

"We love Synergy!"

My son was really shy before he started taking classes at Synergy. After few weeks he started to come out of his shell and even his kindergarten teacher noticed a big difference with his new found confidence.

- Michelle R, Roberts Mom
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